Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clue #12

It wasn’t Ms. White, with candle wax, in the Dungeon. I have the candle wax card. I suspect that:

Miss Scarlet was well experienced in the art of Kinbaku. She had Mr. Boddy well restrained. He wiggled against his hemp restraints causing the bed to give a little squeak.

Scarlet’s handsome slave was well dressed in nothing but his Karada. They both sat on the bed. Scarlet was holding the rope, and Boddy was sitting in a kneeling position, his large erection pointing north. Scarlet bent down and ran her tongue along his shaft, eliciting a soft moan.

Miss Scarlet sat back up, and resumed tying Boddy’s hands behind his back. When she was finished he was a work of art, kneeling with his arms behind his back in a perfect prayer position.

Scarlet decided she needed to record Boddy’s strong beauty and left the bedroom to get her camera.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Clue #11

It wasn’t Colonel Mustard, with the enema syringe, in the Victorian Room. I have Colonel Mustard’s card. I suspect that:

Ms. White smiled, as she struck a match to light the candle she would soon use to seductively drip hot wax over the naked body of Mrs. Boddy. The dungeon was beautifully lit, and the candles that were already lit and placed around the beautiful Boddy, gave her soft smooth skin an attractive glow.

The candle wax slowly began to melt, and Ms. White swirled the candle to watch the freshly melted wax move.

Mrs. Boddy lay on top of the caged table; she smiled back at Ms. White. The missus was already excited and she began to teasingly touch herself. She massaged her own breasts, and pleasured her nipples, making them firm and erect.

Ms. White gave a small laugh at her partner’s pleasure. She held up the candle and slowly tilted it, drizzling a large W on Boddy’s belly--the tips of the letter touching the tops of Boddy’s thighs. Mrs. Boddy arched herself upwards in ecstasy as she was marked with the hot liquid.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Clue #10

It wasn’t Mrs. Peacock, with the cane, in the Interrogation Room. I have the Interrogation Room card. I suspect that:

Colonel Mustard took hold of his boy’s ear, and dragged the ruggedly handsome Mr. Boddy into the Victorian Room. Boddy was not a very quiet sub, he whimpered and begged for the release of his ear for the short trip into the room.

Even though his ear had been released the boy was too distracted by the pain in his ear to notice the large soapy bowl of water or the bulb syringe floating inside it.

The Colonel took a seat on the long bench, sitting next to the bowl of fluid. Mustard planned to give his boy a good cleaning before he spent the evening fucking Boddy in the ass. “Strip!” The Colonel commanded.

“Yes sir!” Boddy replied as he removed his clothing.

Once a nude Boddy stood before the Colonel, the athletic Dom patted his lap, signaling for his boy to come and lay across it.

Boddy draped his well-muscled body over Mustard’s lap. With his elbows resting on the floor, and his head resting on his lower arms, Boddy heard the familiar snap of the Colonel putting on latex gloves, and then the slurp of the enema bulb as it filled with the strong soapy solution that would soon be cleaning and irritating his bowels.

The Colonel expertly spread lube around the tip of the bulb, and then spread his boy’s cheeks wide, so that Boddy would feel the stretch of his sphincter before anything had even been inserted.

Boddy felt his cock twinge with pleasure as the enema syringe was slowly inserted, and he moaned with pleasure as he felt the warm liquid flow into him.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Clue #9

It wasn't Miss Scarlet, with an enema bulb, in the Medical Room. I have the Enema Bulb card. I suspect that:

Mrs. Peacock stood in the Interrogation Room slapping the cane against the palm of her hand as she scolded her naughty students, Mr. and Miss Body. "Skipping school to fornicate is completely unacceptable. As punishment you will each receive twelve lashes with cane--applied to your bare bottoms." Both of the Boddys blushed at their chastisement, and Miss Boddy wiped tears away from her eyes.

"All right young Master Boddy, please drop your breeches and under garments, and then take your position over the desk," Mrs. Peacock ordered. Boddy's breeches pooled around his ankles; he placed his hands on the desk and spread his legs.

"Miss Boddy raise your skirt, drop your knickers, and take your position." A flush of lust flashed through Mrs. Peacock as she looked at the beautiful young round asses presented for her. She grew wet in her nether region from the glimpse of the substantial jewels dangling between Mr. Boddy's legs, and she released even more moisture when she followed the crack of Miss Boddy's ass to her gorgeous vulva.

"You shall each count your lashes." The woosh of the cane followed by the thud of its landing on two bared bottoms, was immediately followed by two whimpering voices.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clue #8

It wasn’t Reverend Green, with the dildo, in the Broom Closet. I have the Broom Closet card. I suspect that:

Miss Scarlet firmly scolded Mr. Body for his disrespectful and rude attitude; after she thoroughly spanked his bare bottom, she decided that a nice big enema was needed to adjust Mr. Boddy’s bad attitude.

Mr. Boddy stood before Miss Scarlet in just his t-shirt. He wiped tears away from his eyes and gave a little rub to his sore bottom. Boddy reached for his boxer shorts and pants. “You won’t be needing those anytime soon. I suggest you leave them where they are, and get your little red butt into the medical room. When I arrive I want to find you on the exam table in the knee to chest position, with your naughty little bottom raised high and ready for your enema.”

Miss Scarlet had decided to use the enema syringe for Mr. Boddy’s enema. She would give him a large volume enema, but decided her boy’s attitude was in need of the many insertions of the bulb into his ass.

Scarlet prepared three quarts of warm water and castile soap. She put on her nursing apron, and placed gloves, Vaseline, and the enema syringe in her pockets. Scarlet entered the medical room to find her boy’s beautiful red ass on display just as she instructed. She set the large bowl containing the enema solution on the medical tray at the end of the exam table. Scarlet donned her gloves and thoroughly coated the syringe with Vaseline.

Mr. Boddy turned his head and looked at the amount of water in the large basin and let out a little whimper.

Miss Scarlet placed the bulb into the basin, and Boddy let out another soft whimper when he heard the slurp of the syringe sucking in the solution. Scarlet instructed her boy to spread his cheeks wide. She smiled at the lovely little puckered hole before her, and slid the syringe into Boddy. She enjoyed watching his pucker expand; she then began to slowly squeeze the bulb allowing the warm fluid to begin the process of filling her naughty boy.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Clue #7

It wasn’t Professor Plum, with needles, in the Medical Room. I have the Needles card. I suspect that:

Reverend Green was an exceptionally kinky man. Of his many kinks he quite enjoyed taking the lovely Mrs. Boddy, the Sunday school teacher, into the Broom Closet for a variety of activities that would turn the alter guild ladies’ hair grey from freight. The Reverend would slowly undress the teacher, and under the dim light of the closet’s lone light bulb he would examine her beautiful nude body.

As the Reverend’s erection grew under his vestments. He removed his green stole and tied Mrs. Boddy’s hands behind her back. Green then turned the mop bucket upside down, and bent the beautiful and bound Mrs Body over the bucket. He removed a large dildo and jar of lube from one of the many pockets of his cassock. “Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” The Reverend asked.

“Please, yes, please,” the Sunday school teacher pleaded as she felt slick fingers slide inside of her. She moaned at the pleasure of the fingers moving in, out and around her asshole. Quickly the large dildo replaced the Reverend’s lithe fingers. Boddy yelped at the initial pain of the intruder, but was soon panting and releasing soft harmonious sounds of pleasure, as the Reverend continued to use the dildo to ream her ass.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Clue #6

It wasn’t Reverend Green, with the Flogger, in the Bedroom. I have the Flogger card. I suspect that:

Miss Boddy had a huge crush on Professor Plum; during class she would rest her chin in her hands and stare dreamily at the dashing Professor.

The Professor had been invited to the medical room to teach a special course on body art and piercing. Plum asked for a volunteer from the audience, and Miss Boddy quickly raised her hand.

Plum led his volunteer over to the exam table, and instructed her to remove her panties, and then take a seat on the table. Miss Boddy removed her little white cotton panties and sat on the table watching as the Professor extended the stirrups at the end of the table. Miss Boddy could feel herself growing wet as she placed her feet into the stirrups and slid her ass down the table.

Professor Plum lifted his volunteer’s skirt up to fully expose the lower half of her body. He then put on a pair of latex gloves and removed the needles from the sealed packet. He cleaned her lips, and then proceeded to carefully place several needles down each of her labia. After the Professor had finished all of his piercings; he thread a purple ribbon through the piercings and laced Miss Boddy’s pussy closed.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~