Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clue #5

It wasn’t Colonel Mustard, with the rope, in the Bedroom. I have the Colonel’s card. I suspect that:

Reverend Green was wearing a simple cassock, and making his usual afternoon stroll of the Church property, when he found the young Mr. Boddy committing the sin of onasim into the Baptismal Font. Rev. Green grabbed the young alter boy by the arm and forcefully led the boy out of the chapel to the rectory and up to the Reverend’s private bedroom.

The cleric ordered the boy to strip and bend over the bed. Explaining to the boy that the punishment for self-abuse was flagellation.

Reverend Green removed his blessed flogger from his wardrobe.

He expertly swung the multi-tailed leather whip through the air to ensure his arm was warmed enough to properly chastise the young man.

The young Mr. Boddy flinched at the sound of the leather swinging through the air.

Finally the Reverend asked the lad if he was ready for his punishment. The boy nodded, and Reverend Green began the trashing.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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