Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clue #11

It wasn’t Colonel Mustard, with the enema syringe, in the Victorian Room. I have Colonel Mustard’s card. I suspect that:

Ms. White smiled, as she struck a match to light the candle she would soon use to seductively drip hot wax over the naked body of Mrs. Boddy. The dungeon was beautifully lit, and the candles that were already lit and placed around the beautiful Boddy, gave her soft smooth skin an attractive glow.

The candle wax slowly began to melt, and Ms. White swirled the candle to watch the freshly melted wax move.

Mrs. Boddy lay on top of the caged table; she smiled back at Ms. White. The missus was already excited and she began to teasingly touch herself. She massaged her own breasts, and pleasured her nipples, making them firm and erect.

Ms. White gave a small laugh at her partner’s pleasure. She held up the candle and slowly tilted it, drizzling a large W on Boddy’s belly--the tips of the letter touching the tops of Boddy’s thighs. Mrs. Boddy arched herself upwards in ecstasy as she was marked with the hot liquid.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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