Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clue #3

It wasn’t Mrs. Peacock, with the dildo, in the Interrogation Room. I have the dildo card. I suspect that:

The handsome and dashing Professor Plum took off his long amethyst morning coat, and carefully hung it on the coat rack. He kept his gaze on the statuesque Mrs. Boddy while he rolled up his shirtsleeves.

The Professor used a luxurious lilac ribbon to tie the lovely Boddy to a St. Andrew’s cross hanging on the dungeon wall. Mrs. Boddy wore only a black lace garter belt with matching silk stockings.

The Professor removed his whip from the tie on his trousers, and ran it over his hand while he ran his eyes up Mrs. Boddy’s long curvaceous legs. He cracked the long whip loudly to sharpen his aim, and was pleased to see that the sound had excited the beautiful Boddy. Her full bosoms now stood more erect. Plum focused his eyes on a beautiful spot just above Boddy’s left nipple; he drew back the single tail and lashed it through the air. A sexy gasp escaped from Mrs. Boddy’s lips as she felt the sting of the whip strike her breast.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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