Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clue #7

It wasn’t Professor Plum, with needles, in the Medical Room. I have the Needles card. I suspect that:

Reverend Green was an exceptionally kinky man. Of his many kinks he quite enjoyed taking the lovely Mrs. Boddy, the Sunday school teacher, into the Broom Closet for a variety of activities that would turn the alter guild ladies’ hair grey from freight. The Reverend would slowly undress the teacher, and under the dim light of the closet’s lone light bulb he would examine her beautiful nude body.

As the Reverend’s erection grew under his vestments. He removed his green stole and tied Mrs. Boddy’s hands behind her back. Green then turned the mop bucket upside down, and bent the beautiful and bound Mrs Body over the bucket. He removed a large dildo and jar of lube from one of the many pockets of his cassock. “Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” The Reverend asked.

“Please, yes, please,” the Sunday school teacher pleaded as she felt slick fingers slide inside of her. She moaned at the pleasure of the fingers moving in, out and around her asshole. Quickly the large dildo replaced the Reverend’s lithe fingers. Boddy yelped at the initial pain of the intruder, but was soon panting and releasing soft harmonious sounds of pleasure, as the Reverend continued to use the dildo to ream her ass.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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