Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clue #8

It wasn’t Reverend Green, with the dildo, in the Broom Closet. I have the Broom Closet card. I suspect that:

Miss Scarlet firmly scolded Mr. Body for his disrespectful and rude attitude; after she thoroughly spanked his bare bottom, she decided that a nice big enema was needed to adjust Mr. Boddy’s bad attitude.

Mr. Boddy stood before Miss Scarlet in just his t-shirt. He wiped tears away from his eyes and gave a little rub to his sore bottom. Boddy reached for his boxer shorts and pants. “You won’t be needing those anytime soon. I suggest you leave them where they are, and get your little red butt into the medical room. When I arrive I want to find you on the exam table in the knee to chest position, with your naughty little bottom raised high and ready for your enema.”

Miss Scarlet had decided to use the enema syringe for Mr. Boddy’s enema. She would give him a large volume enema, but decided her boy’s attitude was in need of the many insertions of the bulb into his ass.

Scarlet prepared three quarts of warm water and castile soap. She put on her nursing apron, and placed gloves, Vaseline, and the enema syringe in her pockets. Scarlet entered the medical room to find her boy’s beautiful red ass on display just as she instructed. She set the large bowl containing the enema solution on the medical tray at the end of the exam table. Scarlet donned her gloves and thoroughly coated the syringe with Vaseline.

Mr. Boddy turned his head and looked at the amount of water in the large basin and let out a little whimper.

Miss Scarlet placed the bulb into the basin, and Boddy let out another soft whimper when he heard the slurp of the syringe sucking in the solution. Scarlet instructed her boy to spread his cheeks wide. She smiled at the lovely little puckered hole before her, and slid the syringe into Boddy. She enjoyed watching his pucker expand; she then began to slowly squeeze the bulb allowing the warm fluid to begin the process of filling her naughty boy.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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