Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clue #4

It wasn’t Professor Plum, with the whip, in the Dungeon. I have the Dungeon card. I suspect that:

The strong muscular Colonel Mustard forced his prisoner into the Bedroom. He held her hands tightly in front of her waist, and used his expert skills to quickly have her hands restrained in rope cuffs.

Mrs. Boddy was nude from the thorough cavity search the Colonel had performed just moments before he brought her to his bedroom. The Colonel would not allow his prisoner to put her street clothes back on; she would need to wear what he provided for her. He made a quick trinity knot with his thick red rope, and placed it over her crotch running the two ends of the rope through her ass cheeks to figure her correct measurements. Mustard created a snake weave for the thong portion of his prisoner’s panties. He slipped the rope panty between Boddy’s legs and felt the juices of her excitement. The Colonel then completed the panties by attaching the back of the thong to the trinity knot.

Colonel Mustard gave his prisoner a sly smile, as she stood before him in cuffs, and the beautiful knotted panties. He forced her down to her knees, and released his huge cock from his pants.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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